Saturday "Smart Swap!": Save Loco Taco Calories

Save crazy calories with this week’s swap at two Mexican style eateries … if you order the Crispy Chicken Crisper tacos at Chili’s, you’ll be taking in nearly 2,000 calories! As the name implies, the tacos are made with crispy fried chicken which ratchets up the exact calorie count to 1,990 and over 100 grams of fat.

Stop instead at Baja Fresh and order their Original Baja Chicken tacos and cut your calories down to 630 and you get three of them (same as the Crisper tacos!). That’s savings of 1,330 calories! ¬°Aye caramba!

Saturday “Smart Swap!”: Save Loco Taco Calories originally appeared on Weight Loss on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 at 03:36:18.

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