Fast Food Foible?

Research from Cornell University says people who think they’re eating a reduced-calorie dish at fast food eateries overcompensate by consuming an extra like cookies or drinking more beverage.

Out of 518 who consumed either a Big Mac at 600 calories or a Subway 12-inch Italian sandwich at 90 calories, the burger eaters underestimated their calorie count by 7% while those in the Subway group shortchanged the calorie count by an astounding 52% and ordered additional sides.

A solution? Check out the calorie counts of your favorite eateries before visiting by using’s Calorie Count and plan what you’re going to order ahead of time instead of being tempted at the eatery.

Fast Food Foible? originally appeared on Weight Loss on Monday, March 15th, 2010 at 00:53:52.

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