How to Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

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So do you want to know how to motivate yourself to lose weight?  Before you can get the answer, you may need to yourself a few probing questions.  Here are a few – what is in your life now that you would like to remove? What is not present in your life now that you would like to have? What’s stopping you from removing what you don’t want and getting what you do want?  Is it commitment?  The truth is if you are committed then you can make a way even where one does not currently exist.  So let’s talk about how to motivate yourself to lose weight.  Here are a few helpful hints:


5 quick tips on how to motivate yourself to lose weight

  1.  Create a table on a sheet of paper with the headings If I Do and If I Don’t.  Write down all the all possible results of losing weight as opposed to not losing weight.  In this way, you can clearly see the benefits you can get from getting your weight loss program in gear.  This may be the first step in how to motivate yourself to lose weight.


  1. Have a vision of yourself at what you consider your ideal weight.  Always having a vision of what you want helps to keep you to keep you motivated.  You can keep pictures in a visible place of what you are now and what you hope to be.  In this way, you are always keeping sight of your goal.


  1. Make a plan and set achievable goals.  It is important to begin your weight loss regime with small achievable goals as this will fuel your passion each time a goal is reached.  A great idea is to do something in the morning that will set the tone of your day.  This could be a brief exercise session, a healthy breakfast or a time of meditation and relaxation.


  1. Reward yourself.  As you achieve each small goal then consider rewarding yourself.  This can take treating yourself to body treatment session, going to the movies or a special event or buying a piece of clothing you always wanted.  The choice is yours but the bottom line is to reward yourself as this will keep your motivation up.


  1. Be committed.  Determine to remain persistent and don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goal.  You may have setbacks but choose to continue to the end.  It is important to keep reminding yourself why you need to lose weight so always go back to step 1 if discouragement is trying to set in.


Many persons desire to lose weight but the reality is that it just doesn’t happen simply on a wish.  It requires knowing how to motivate yourself to lose weight and then taking the next steps.  The real motivation that will cause you to act is inside you.  All you need to do is discover it in order to use it to your advantage.  Now that you know how to motivate yourself to lose weight, let’s get the show on the road.


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