How To stay Motivated To Lose Weight

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Now that you have decided to get your weight loss program going, the challenge is how to stay motivated to lose weight.  Undoubtedly, staying motivated is essential to any weight loss regime.  Here’s a question for you.  Are you motivated by inspiration or desperation?  The truth is that you would rather be motivated by inspiration as that will definitely fuel your passion to stay on course.  Knowing how to stay motivated to lose weight will require that you take certain actions to keep you accountable along the way.  Are you ready to learn more? Continue reading “How To stay Motivated To Lose Weight”

How to Achieve Success with Low Glycemic Index Diet Foods

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It should be noted that there are many reasons why some people have achieved success after consuming low glycemic index diet foods. These diets are very easy and effective especially when you understand the basic concept behind them. They are known for making people become slimmer and healthier. So you do not need to make any modification on your diet or eating habits, just follow these successful tips below.

1.         Know the Charts: the first thing you ought to do is to know which foods are classified as low glycemic index diet foods. You can get this information online through GI charts or through Glycemic index books. The rule o thumb states that over 70 is high, 56 to 69 is medium while 0 to 55 is low.

2.         You must be a Mindful Shopper: low glycemic index foods are easy to find, for that reason you should make sure to choose foods that you like. You’re setting yourself up for failure if you stick with foods you don’t really like, just because their index is low. Though you can choose celery which is very low on the glycemic index, it will not be wise to make it your centerpiece of your meal if you have hatred for it. The best thing to do is to make your own list of foods you like.

3.         Go for Balance diet: eat moderately and watch out for the kind of food you eat. Go for fruits, vegetables and consume little quantity of meat. These are some of the tips that have been considered for success with low glycemic index foods.

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Celebrity Weight Loss Secrets: Find Them Here.

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We love our celebrities and we want to emulate them in any way possible. That’s why we see so many “Celebrity Diets” in the tabloids. It is obvious that there must be some secrets that the stars use to keep their bodies “perfect”. At the end of the day however, it’s basically “Eat less, exercise more”. Celebrities just do it with more style then the rest of us.

Some times it may be like this and at other times it may not be. While some celebrities may be very smart, others may just be stupid. But from the horse’s mouth, help out your ignorance with these few celebrity weight loss secrets.

Emaciation Diet

This may actually look funny or stupid, but as well smart. This diet may include doing nothing but simply eating 2 cans of tuna and drinking diet coke and coffee per day. Though this may seem unhealthy, it is actually a desperate way of losing weight. This was actually revealed to us by Colin Farrell in the movie “Triage”.

Say No to Red Meat

Do not consume red meat; rather you can replace it with fish. Fish contain fewer calories and are very easy to digest as compared to red meat. This was the revelation of Eva Longoria.

Healthy Diet and Brutal Exercise

You can loss weight by eating very healthy foods and as well engaging in exercises with a trainer. Seth Rogen took this path and it worked for him. Note that some times these secrets may only work for a short time.

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