Reframing Weight Loss

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Weight loss is tough even under the best of circumstances.  It’s like you’re standing at the bottom of a huge mountain and no matter how many steps you take, you don’t seem to get anywhere.

Progress seems to be soooo slow and you’re always being bombarded by Fast food commercials and take out menus. Oh and let’s not forget about your friends that don’t need to lose weight that go ahead and eat whatever they want anytime – night or day. It’s really unfair!

It’s frustrating and frustration makes us give up and Pig Out!

And  even when you’re “on program” and things are going well you tend to get into the frame of mind that “I’m doing so good, just cheating a little won’t hurt!”  But it does!

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, eating an extra few hundred calories today might not make a difference to you physically, but I think in your brain, that little cheat gets stored in a folder somewhere and festers away – gnawing at you, reminding you that the sky didn’t fall because cheated so why not do it again…

It’s no wonder diets usually fail! I mean, how much can you take?

So what’s the answer?

I think that reframing what we’re actually trying to do might be a step in the right direction!

Here’s what I’m trying to do this time. Instead of thinking of myself as being “On a diet”, I think of myself as “trying to lead a healthier lifestyle then I have in the past”. That way, if and when those inevitable little cheats happen I won’t feel like I blew it. It will just be a normal part of my lifestyle.

What does “Trying to lead a healthier lifestyle mean”? Well for me it means, I’m trying to incorporate more “good” foods into my diet. I’ve added things like Kefir and berries (In the form of a meal replacement smoothie), more vegetables and yogurts. My focus is really on what I’m adding to my diet as opposed to what I’m restricting.

Beyond just watching what I eat, I making a conscious effort to get some exercise on most days. It may be walking on the treadmill for 40 minutes or throwing the football with my son for a bit after dinner, but I’m trying to make sure I get up from my desk and do something that will get my heart beating a bit.

Am I seeing “Biggest Loser” type numbers each week? No of course not but I think in the long run (and “the long run” is really the point of trying to get healthier), I’m doing better then I have in the past.

Will it work?  I guess, only time will tell, luckily “Time Flies”. I’ll keep you posted!

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