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Monday, August 29, 2011

So it’s been three full weeks now since I embarked on my latest weight loss attempt (I started on August 8, 2011).  Here’s the plan so far…

For either breakfast or lunch each day I’m having a smoothie with 10oz of Kefir, frozen blueberries, a scoop of Whey protein powder and a scoop of Green Vibrance all blended together in my fancy-schmancy Health Master juice maker. It tastes pretty good, nice and cold which I like and not too thick (I never cared much for thick smoothies).

For my other meals, I’m eating more salads, a lot of skinless roasted chicken breast (or some other lean protein) and some additional vegetables. I’m trying to stay away from breads and white potatoes (those are really the foods that got me to this point so I’m trying the cold-turkey approach to break the habit).

For exercise, I’ve been working out with a trainer/friend of mine since February of this year, I lost about 20 pounds with him initially, then pretty much stopped losing (although I maintained that weight loss).  Once I started on the Smoothie plan, I quickly dropped another 1o or so (that’s where I’m at right now).

Also, the same week I started the Smoothie regimen, I joined my local Planet Fitness  ($99 for the year – couldn’t pass it up).

With the trainer, I’m doing weight training once a week, at Planet Fitness I’m mainly using the treadmill (40 minutes to an hour per day, 4 or five days a week).
The Goal…

I’m trying to lose a total of 150 pounds (OUCH!!!). Since I’ve already dropped about 30 pounds, I want to drop another 120 (still pretty daunting – I know!).

In this blog, I’ll post about my successes and my failures and keep you posted as to my weight loss. Now, I’m not self-centered enough to believe that the world will be so fascinated with me to want to read about my every meal and to see a synopsis of my every workout, so I’ll try to edit thinks down to a few more interesting posts each week.

I hope you enjoy my blog  and I hope you  leave comments for me at the bottom of each of my posts.

Thanks for reading…

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